Icons8 API Documentation

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Icons8 allows software developers to embed icons into web services and applications, as well as desktop tools for software development, rapid prototyping and graphic design. Icons are distributed under our attribution license, paid license or custom volume license.


Operation Definition Live Test
GET /api/iconsets/icon Returns several icons Try
GET /api/iconsets/icons Returns all icons in alphabetical order Try
GET /api/iconsets/search Returns icons by the specified search criteria Try
GET /api/iconsets/latest Returns several icons sorted by date, with the newest first Try
GET /api/iconsets/similar Returns icons that similar to the given one Try
GET /api/iconsets/total Returns the total number of icons for different platforms Try
GET /api/iconsets/list Returns lists with information about icons Try
GET /api/iconsets/categories Returns lists of categories Try
GET /api/iconsets/category Returns lists of icons in particular category Try
GET /api/iconsets/suggest Returns suggests about icons and tags for given string Try
GET /api/iconsets/svg-symbol Returns SVG `symbol` image consists of specified icons Try
GET /api/iconsets/download Download icon's image Try