GET /api/iconsets/svg-symbol

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API operation SVG-symbol returns a SVG `symbol` consists of specified icons.

SVG `symbol` is a kind of SVG image that consists of several SVG images, so you can define viewbox for each of them. It is better then usual sprites where you should use one viewbox for all icons regardless of whether is it big or small. Read more about it at

In Icons8 we use SVG `symbol` for our cozy and convenient open source javascript library i8-icon. It allows you to add icons in your HTML code just by adding some HTML tags.


GET /api/iconsets/svg-symbol?icons=%icons%&token=%token%

GET /api/iconsets/svg-symbol?icons=%icons%

%icons% - list of icon codes and names separated by commas, each list item consists of icon pack code and icon name like %pack%-%name%

%token% - security token for getting access to paid icons; not required for free icons.

Possible values of pack are:

%pack% Meaning
win8 or winCollection of icons in the Microsoft Windows 8/Metro style
ios7 or iosCollection of icons in the Apple iOS 7 style
android_kitkat or kitkatCollection of icons in the Google Android (Kitkat) style
android_lollipop or lollipopCollection of icons in the Google Android L (Lollipop) style
colorCollection of color flat icons

You can use icon %name% from our free icons freebie: 300+ Free Flat Color Icons


curl ""
curl ",ios-about,win-like&token=abc"


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