GET /api/iconsets/categories

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API operation Categories returns list of categories.


GET /api/iconsets/categories?platform=%platform%

GET /api/iconsets/categories

%platform% - the platform that we are searching categories for

Possible values of %platform% are:

%platform% Meaning
win8Collection of icons in the Microsoft Windows 8/Metro style
win10Collection of icons in the Microsoft Windows 10/Threshold style
ios7Collection of icons in the Apple iOS 7 style
androidCollection of icons in the Google Android 4 Kitkat style
androidLCollection of icons in the Google Android 5 Lollipop style
colorCollection of color flat icons

If the %platform% parameter is not specified or has an invalid value, the search will be performed within all icons’ platforms.


curl ""
curl ""


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

				The most used icons according to our stats: home, setting, search, folder etc.
				This category with most popular icons...
				Good for all kinds of navigation, sorting, expanding lists etc.

    error details